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Career Opportunity in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one internet marketing strategy that any internet entrepreneur would want for their website. In short it refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a website to get more traffic from search engines; SEO is used as a way to raise a website’s rank in any search engine like Google and Yahoo! By doing so, the possibility of visitors that visits a website would increase, thus increasing sales and profit margin. So long-story-short, SEO is all about increasing the visibility of a website in the World Wide Web by use of search engines. Now the question is how do you do SEO? So here is very reliable and affordable SEO course, we have designed for those who can do. SEO is not a secret, but a discipline that can be learned from here. Yes, that includes even you


We provide you guidance from the best SEO / SMO experts with rich experience of working on various SEO marketing.

We provide you exposure to live SEO/SMO projects.

We provide you an opportunity to develop an SEO/SMO career if you are a fresher.

SEO Course Contents

SEO Course Pakages
SMO Course Pakages
Course Details
Turnaround Time 1 Month (1 to 2 Hour daily)
Turnaround Time 1 Month (1 to 2 Hour daily)
Course cost INR 8000
Course cost INR 8000
Section 1-Introduction
Section 1-Introduction
Search Engine Marketing
About Social Media
Social Media Strategy
Search Engine Visibility

Social media and communications strategy

Classification of SEM (SEO and PPC)
Section 2-SMO : Facebook

Difference between Profiles, Places, Groups and Pages

Page Rank

Frictionless sharing

Google Sandbox effect

Facebook Connect (Like, Share, Comment)

Website Architecture

Facebook Pages (Creating, Managing, Retention)

How the Search Engine works

Pages (Dos & Don'ts)

Section 2-On Page Optimization

Measuring and Monitoring

Meta Tags and Keywords research

Sponsored Stories


Facebook Places and check-ins

Creating Robots file

Facebook credits and ecommerce

Header and footer

Advantages and challenges

Creating sitemaps
Section 3-SMO : Twitter
Optimizing Seo content
Introduction to Microblogging & Twitter
Image tag optimization
Use for, promotion, sales, conversing, listening, research
Canonical / 404 Implementation
Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, HashTags, Direct Messages)
Keyword Density Analysis
Tracking Code
Anchor Text Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure
URL renaming/re-writing Twitiquette
Google webmaster tools Advertising – tweet for pay
Yahoo Feed Submission Twitter Account Promotion
Section 3-Off Page Optimization Searching tweets and users
Submission to search engines
Section 4-SMO : YouTube
Local marketing

Online video – comfortable

Directory Submission Viral’ films and brand
Blog Submission Defining goals, metrics
Blog Comments Social sharing, comments and reviews
Article Submission Creating and managing an account
Free Classifieds Using Ads inside Videos
Forums Promoting Youtube Videos
Press Releases
Section 5-SMO : Blogging
Video optimization Blogs Creation
Link Building Blogs Submission
Blog Comments Blogs Promotion
Quastion And Answer Blogs Weekly Postings
Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat Seo Blogs Commenting
Section 4-Keywords Research and Analysis
Section 6-SMO : LinkedIn
SWOT Analysis of Website About LinkedIn
Target segmentation Creating the right profile & settings
Keyword research Increasing reach and visibility
Competitor analysis LinkedIn Groups
Finding Appropriate Keywords Answers, events, messaging & testimonials
Section 5-Basic Indroduction about SMO Company Pages

After Completing our seo course student can easily make their career

• On Page SEO Experts

• Off Page SEO Experts

• Link Builder

• SEO Content Writer / SEO Copy Writer

• PPC Management Experts

• SEO Freelancers