Drop shipping is a business where buy you can be buying products as an individual from a wholesaler and then ship them directly to your customers. You are like a middleman or a third party. You can use this business to launch online store. It is viable and it has got low risks. But for you to be successful in this business you will have to take a significant time and work. You do not have to purchase the whole amount of inventory, the only secret you need is to partner with a drop shipping partner like worldwide brands where you will only list their merchandise for sale.

Advantages of drop shipping

This business has a number of benefits some which include;

  • Capital requirement is low: you do not need to invest thousands of dollars in this business; all you need is to purchase a product when you have an existing order to fill.
  • Low risks: Unlike other businesses which got high risks, drop shipping business has got low risks because not many have invested in this business. In case, your business doesn’t work or make a profit as you expected, you can sell at a loss.
  • Operate from anywhere: you might be worrying about running a warehouse or fulfillment but this is a business that you can run from anywhere.
  • The business is highly scalable: you don’t need to fulfill each order and it’s easy to scale up a drop shipping business.
  • You can select any product you want the business allows you to select on a wider product that is available. You don’t have to pre-purchase all the items that you sell but instead you can offer a larger number of products to your customers.

How much one can make from drop shipping business?

It is possible for you or anyone who ventures into this business to make a six figure profit but that will not come from a bed of worldwide brands drop shippingroses. It will be dependent upon a number of factors which include; commitment, the niche you select and your own dedication. This is a business that takes time to build possibly more than a year and thus you will need a long-term commitment, right approach and hard work.

Though tough but it’s possible. With the 3 approaches, you will get your business up and running and you will be able to outsource and automate some of day-to-day business aspects.

How can you find a drop shipping company?

There are three ways in which you can find a drop shipping company

  • Contacting the manufacturer- Ask the manufacturer to help you point out the distributors whom they might also be willing to drop ship with.
  • Subscribe to the directory- There are drop shipping directories online, but some of them provide low quality services. One of the best you can subscribe is worldwide brands which provide quality drop shipping services.
  • Search on Google- Google is another tool that you can use in order to find a drop shipping company. But you need to be careful when using Google because some of these companies are scammers. You are likely to browse 5-10 pages before you come to a legitimate company.


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